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Got Kindle? Get this! NEW EDITION of HAUNTED NEVADA™..Bigger with more photographs and stories..available on Kindle.

Mystery that takes place in early day Virginia City available on Kindle

is a beautiful time on the Comstock. That's why Paradacity has planned
our Pajama Party Weekend event at St. Mary Louise Hospital for April
27th-29th. We're going to get in our pajamas and explore the
paranormal...Roundtable discussion (you choose the topics) Bats in the
Belfry Virginia City Ghost Walk with Debbie Bender, will provide a
special ghost walk and an investigation at a private location.

Janice's Appearances

Desert ParaCon 2012 March 31st

St. Mary's ParaCon 2012 April 13th-15th

Paradacity's Pajama Party Weekend at St. Marys April 27th-29th

Ghost Hunt Pioneer Saloon Ghost Town May 12th-13th

May 19th Special Book Premier Party at the Mizpah Hotel with Virginia Ridgway...details to be announced later.

My Haunted Valentine
The book that shows love doesn't end at the grave..or what happens when ghosts really love the living

Love doesn't always end at the grave. Love hurts and haunts.Among the true paranormal romance tales in this collection are:

  • Mrs. Boyce who fell in love with the darkly handsome ghost Sho-Sha
  • The honeymooning husband that dumped his bride for a long dead beauty
  • John Seybold, a Kansas man who married a ghost.
  • The woman who divorced her husband on the word of a ouija board

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  • Goldfield and the Goldfield Hotel

    Photo on the right was taken during construction of the Goldfield Hotel 1907..Central Nevada Historical Society photograph

    Goldfield! Once Nevada's
    largest town, Goldfield is a tiny town of approximately 400 residents.
    Located on Highway 95 halfway between Reno and Las Vegas, Goldfield is
    popular with history buffs and ghosthunters. The Goldfield hotel has
    been featured on televisions hows and investigated by TAPS and Zak
    Bagans, the Ghost Adventures. Who are the ghosts of Goldfield? Why is
    the hotel haunted? $16.95

    Virginia City
    City is Nevada's most haunted city. Mark Twain started his literary
    career here on the Comstock. Courtesan Julia Bulette ended hers. Ghosts
    and silver lode history.$16.95

    Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe and the Rat Pack at the Cal-Neva

    Sinatra owned the Cal-Neva briefly in 1962 (before the Feds discovered
    that he was permitting mobster Sam Giancana to stay on the premises.)
    Marilyn often partied with Frank amd the Rat Pack at the lodge and even
    had her own cabin assigned for her use. Rumor is that she overdosed
    there and if not for the efforts of an employee she would not have lived
    to die again in Los Angeles. $11.95

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    The Haunting of Las Vegas
    Las Vegas? Gangsters, ghosts, haunted casinos, and museums--Vegas has
    it all! Read about Las Vegas glamour, ghosts, gaming and hauntings in my
    new book. Available at most book stores or

    Haunted Nevada™ 2nd Edition...
    book that started it all (in Nevada anyway) Ghosts, haunts and history
    from all across the Silver State. Ghosttowns are sometimes inhabited by
    ghostly residents who just don't know when to pack it in and head for
    the nearest headstone.

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